Bernie’s Dual AKC Championship

Thank you to my handler Bekki of for believing and delivering! Also, thank you to Phyllis Ensley Photography for this amazing no-paws-on-the-ground photo.

Bernie won her conformation championship today, January 12, 2020. That completes her AKC Dual (Field and Conformation) Championship! Henceforth, she is DC Berenice Anders, SC. And she had so much fun! One of the best personalities in the breed! Just ask anyone who’s met her.

Bernie’s Fourth Conformation

With two major wins, Bernie is only 5 points away from her AKC Dual Championship!

AKC Field Champion and NLCC

Thank you Dean Lake Photography!

In November 2019, Bernie won her field championship. She is recognized by the AKC as a Multi Best in Field Field Champion and Senior Courser. She absolutely loves the coursing and is also pretty good at it. In December, she competed in the National Lure Coursing competition in Tennessee.

You can see her run in the nationals (she’s in pink) here:

Bernie’s Third Conformation

Bernie’s first Best of Breed in Indiana!