Extraordinary Dogs

Bernie the pharaoh hound and Thelma and Louise the Rottweilers look up at the camera from a close perspective, smiling and looking happy.
Bernie, Thelma, and Louise say, Hello!
A pharaoh hound, shown in a yellow vest while lure coursing with text: Turn on the AfterBernie


Our newest future mother is Berenice Anders (Bernie). At only 4 months, she was nearly completely house trained and was performing very well in obedience training. She was showing her intelligence and making herself a deeply embedded member of the family — including four other dogs and a cat. At two years, she has turned into the grand dog we expected. As of January 2020, she is an AKC Dual Champion, as she earned her Field Championship in November 2019. … Continue readingBernie



Louise is a German Rottweiler. Differences between German and American standards are few but notable. Most significantly, German standards prohibit

Continue readingLouise

Health tested parents for healthier puppiers. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, The Canine Health Information Center
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