Berenice Anders (Bernie) is our first pharaoh hound mother. At only 4 months, she was nearly completely house trained and was performing very well in obedience training. She was showing her intelligence and making herself a deeply embedded member of the family — including four other dogs and a cat. At two years, she has turned into the grand dog we expected. As of January 2020, she is an AKC Dual Champion, as she earned her Field Championship in November 2019. Bernie has several OFA health certifications.

Bernie’s pedigree is solid. Anywhere you see a CH, DC, or GCH in front of the dog’s name, you have a Champion of some sort, and you can see that her paternal grandmother is from Argentina and her maternal grandmother is from Australia, helping to assure the purity of the breed.

We had a difficult time obtaining her and know the demand certainly outweighs the supply. If you would like to be the first to see her first litter, send us your contact information on the contact page.

Watch Bernie course (in pink) in the 2019 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship where she took second.
Health tested parents for healthier puppiers. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, The Canine Health Information Center